2020 Online Academic English Courses

The faculty and staff at the ELI are dedicated to our mission to empower international students to develop the English language proficiency necessary for personal, academic, and professional success. All courses offered through the ELI are non-credit-bearing courses.

Class sizes are small, and with the combination of synchronous and asynchronous teaching via the Canvas platform, faculty are able to give students individualized attention and target not only the skills included in the course learning outcomes but also those that our skilled faculty pinpoint as requiring attention.

Each of these courses targets students at a B1/B2 proficiency level who want to sharpen their classroom and study skills to the point of degree-readiness, either at the undergraduate or graduate level. Each course offers instruction equivalent to three U.S. academic credits, though classes do not provide academic credit toward a degree.

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Academic Listening focuses on developing and practicing pre-listening, listening with purpose, and note-taking strategies that will prepare students for success in all university level courses. Additionally, the course provides students with practice in listening to different accents, listening for and interpreting colloquialisms, idioms, and slang, and participating in class and small-group discussions. This course is offered from May 18 to June 26.

Academic Speaking focuses on improving students’ presentation skills within their academic discipline, interpreting non-verbal communication in a classroom setting, participating in class and small-group discussions, and improving students’ individual pronunciation skills.  This class is offered from June 29 to August 7.

Academic Reading focuses on strategies for improving reading comprehension and critical thinking such as text annotation, summarization and paraphrasing, and reading for a purpose. The course is offered twice (May 18-June 26, and June 29-August 7) with different materials each term for students who might want additional practice and coaching.

Academic Writing focuses on the skills necessary for students to be successful in their writing-focused classes. These skills include understanding and engaging in rhetorical situations, differentiating between appropriate and inappropriate sources, formulating research questions and arguments, developing and expressing informed opinions, paraphrasing, summarizing, and synthesizing others’ ideas, formatting texts, reporting on others’ ideas, developing presentations, and more. This course spans 12 weeks and is offered from May 18 to August 7.

Intercultural Communication this course introduces students to the basic concepts and theories related to communicating across cultural borders and provides practical applications for practicing a variety of strategies for successful intercultural communication. Students will test their own cultural assumptions and delve deep into the cultural values that shape their personal perspective on the world.

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