Student Life

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Outside of the classroom, Mercer ELI plans many cultural, social, and athletic activities for students. There are two types of activities in Mercer ELI: Seasonal and Weekly.

SEASONAL ACTIVITIES are planned in advance, and include parades and festivals, major league sporting events, and excursions in nature.

WEEKLY ACTIVITIES are held every week outside of ELI class time. Activities are held at the same time and location each week, and they provide ELI students the opportunity to, for example, interact with American and international students, play sports, take nature hikes, go grocery shopping, or have English conversation.   



There are several club sports that utilize Mercer facilities and ELI students are encouraged to join. There is a small fee associated with each sport. The ELI office can connect students with these sport organizations and assist them with the application process.

Fun on the river