Before You Arrive

Once nominated and accepted to Mercer University you will be instructed to either complete these elements or acknowledge the following statements through your private online TerraDotta study abroad portal:

Elements needing to be completed:

As an exchange student at Mercer University you will have access to the MyMercer student portal and be assigned a student email account. All official emails from the university and your professors will be sent to the email account. Be sure to check this email as a student on a daily basis. It is highly recommended that you link this account to a preexisting email address you check often and also add access to your account on your cell phone.

To access the MyMercer portal click here.

For your first login, your Username is your Student ID#. Your default password is your birthday in the format MercerYYMMDD (if your birthday is December 15th, 1982, your password would be Mercer821215).

We encourage you to use the password self-service site to change your password.



All students at Mercer University must read and acknowledge the Student Rights and Responsibilities statement on a semester basis.

To do so, log into MyMercer on a computer that allows pop-ups (neither an iPhone nor iPad allow pop-ups). Once logged into MyMercer, a screen should automatically pop up that says “Student Rights and Responsibilities.” Read the statement and check the check box. Hit submit.

If your Student Rights and Responsibilities screen doesn’t automatically appear, go to your MyMercer homepage and find the “Student Rights and Responsibilities” box toward the bottom of the page. Click on the link to open the form, read, and submit.


Exchange students will be housed within the International House on campus. The International House is located within the Adams/Winship apartment area. Adams/Winship apartments are traditionally for upper classmen. All attempts will be made to place international students in an apartment with two American students. Apartments are traditionally structured to house four students (two students per bedroom). There is also the possibility of living in an apartment with one other student (one bedroom apartment). All apartments have a shared bathroom (for four or two people), living space and kitchen.

The apartments are furnished with beds, desks and chairs, a kitchen table and chairs, and living room furniture. The bedrooms and kitchens are not furnished with supplies. Students are responsible for these items (including bedding) and are brought to Walmart during their first day on campus for shopping.

Your space within the International House will be reserved by the Office of International Programs. You should not attempt to select your own housing. You do need to complete a Housing Contract with the Office of Housing and Residence Life. You will complete the contract in April (Incoming Fall) or November (Incoming Spring) by following these instructions:

Log-in to the MyMercer portal and access “Macon Housing”. The link to complete a Housing Contract is located under the bear claw on the far left. Follow the instructions on the page to complete the process, click “request” confirmation code at the end and submit the application.


Completion and submission of the Mercer University Immunization Form is required. It must be completed and signed by the student and then returned to the Student Health Center along with an official copy of the student's immunization (vaccine) record. Students are encouraged to keep a copy of the documents for their personal records.

Exchange students should complete this form with their family doctor PRIOR to arriving at Mercer University. These forms will be collected during international student orientation.  

For detailed information about this requirement, please read the Student Health Center webpage in complete.


You will need to bring an official transcript with you upon your arrival to Mercer University. Your official transcript should showcase the classes and the total amount of credits you have earned towards degree completion to date. An official transcript is defined per Mercer standards as being issued per the process of your institution and delivered in a sealed university envelope. You will need this transcript to determine which meal plan you qualify for during international student orientation. Your most updated transcript will also assist you with gaining access to courses with pre-requisites.


Acknowledgement of the following statements:

All incoming exchange students are automatically enrolled in a unique UNV 101 course during their first term at Mercer. This one-credit course meets once a week and is led by the Office of International Progrmas. You will learn more about the higher education system in the U.S., history and traditions of Mercer University and explore the community of Macon.

Students with a Freshmen (0 - 29 hours), Sophomore (30 - 59 hours), and Junior (60 - 89 hours) academic status will be required to purchase a meal plan REGARDLESS OF CAMPUS HOUSING - including the Lofts and apartments. Further details about meal plans and prices (which are dependent on the number of credits completed prior to the semester) can be found here. You will be signing up for a meal plan during international orientation with your official transcript.

Upon arrival to Mercer University you will be required to pay your student bill. There are multiple ways to clear your balance. Please refer to the following links of the Bursar’s Office to plan for how you will make your student payment or to set up a payment plan.

Every student at Mercer University is required to be covered by health insurance that meets university standards. In addition, as a J-1 Exchange Visitor, your plan must also meet U.S. Department of State regulations. The Mercer University Student Health Insurance Plan (MUSHiP), meets both standards. Thus, it is the Office of International Programs strong recommendation that you utilize the MUSHiP plan. For more information about MUSHiP visit this link. You will be automatically enrolled into a MUSHiP policy with Mercer University each semester and this will be reflected on your student bill.

If you wish to try and waive the MUSHiP policy, you must follow the instructions given and within the set time period for the waiver process. The waiver process is not a guarantee and will require many documents in support of an alternative plan you wish to utilize. The waiver process is not conducted within the Office of International Programs, you would be working directly with CORE Management Resources, the company that manages the MUSHiP policy.


If you would like to mail any packages or purchase items online and have them shipped to Mercer University prior to your arrival, please use the following address:

Mercer University
1501 Mercer University Drive
Ryals 303
Macon, GA 31207-0001

During orientation you will visit the on-campus student mail room, receive a box number and access your mailbox with a combination. Your mailing address will then become:

Mercer University
1501 Mercer University Drive
MU Box #_____
Macon, GA 31207-0001