Upon arrival to the United States and Mercer University, the J-1 Exchange Visitor will schedule an individual orientation with the International Scholar Coordinator.  The J-1 Exchange Visitor should plan for this orientation to take a minimum of 30-minutes. The following documents must be brought to the orientation meeting:

     •    Passport
     •    J-1 visa
     •    DS-2019
     •    I-94*
     •    Proof of health insurance coverage that meet’s J-1 regulations

If the Exchange Visitor has dependents in J-2 status, they must also bring all of the above documentation for each dependent.

During the orientation, the J-1 Exchange Visitor will review and complete the following documents;

     •    Mercer University – Statement of Understanding
     •    Mercer University – Personal Information Document

*The I-94 document is a record of arrival and departures into the United States. Each time you enter the United States, you should be admitted in the correct visa category. For Exchange Visitors this category is J-1. You can print your electronic record on this Department of Homeland Security site: https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/

J-1 Exchange Visitors should also be prepared to have an orientation with their sponsoring department and supervisor.