Visa and SEVIS Information

The staff within the Office of International Programs is here to help you throughout your visa application process. Once nominated by your Mercer University supervisor; your complete application to become a J-1 Research Scholar will be reviewed. Upon successful review, a Form DS-2019 will be created for you and your dependents (if applicable). The following steps are to guide you with the process in which you will then initiate within your home country – applying for your nonimmigrant J visa.

We strongly suggest that you secure your J-1 Exchange Visitor visa prior to booking your flights.

The process of securing your visa needs to be a top priority once your DS-2019 Form is issued by Mercer University. Visa processing times and interview availability differs throughout nations.

1. Receive your Form DS-2019 and confirm that all personal and program information is correct.
2. Pay the online SEVIS I-901 fee to the U.S Department of Homeland Security
    For more information and to pay the fee visit
3. Print your SEVIS I-901 fee receipt
4. Pay the Nonimmigrant visa application processing fee
    a.  Each exchange visitor who applies for a visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate must pay the nonimmigrant visa application processing fee. Read more about current fees for U.S. State Department services.
    b.  You will need to provide a receipt showing the visa application processing fee has been paid when you come for your visa interview.
5.  Determine if you will need to pay the visa issuance fee
    a.  Please review the visa reciprocity tables to determine if an additional visa reciprocity fee must be paid upon visa issuance and the amount of the fee.
6.  Go to your scheduled interview
    a.  Visit the Bureau of Consular Affairs website to learn more on how to apply for a J visa. Visa applicants need to demonstrate their eligibility for a visa during an interview by a consular officer at the U.S. embassy or consulate, generally in their country of residence.
7.  Email your supervisor and the Office of International Programs once your J-1 Exchange Visitor visa has been approved!