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International Programs at Mercer University

International Student & Scholar Services

Bear Hugs Program FAQs

What is Bear Hugs?

Bear Hugs is a mentorship program at Mercer Universityon the Macon campus in which incoming international students (mentees) are matched with current Mercer students (mentors) to enhance students’ intercultural experiences and help them make friends from all over the world. Mentors can be either U.S. American students or seasoned international students.

What are the responsibilities of the mentor?

•Orient international students to the Mercer campus and Macon
• Help international students become more involved in campus resoruces and activities
• Help international students adjust to American culture

What are the benefits for mentors?

• Gain leadership experience
• Gain a deeper understanding of another culture
• Develop international friendships
• Gain appreciation of international student issues

What are the benefits for international students?

• Gain a deeper understanding of U.S. American culture
• Gain strong connection to the campus life at Mercer
• Gain a community of friends interested in knowing more about the world

Who should apply?

• New international students at Mercer
• Any seasoned Mercer student interested in helping out new students

How do I get involved?

Click on the application link to the left, fill it out, and submit it.

What do I do if I want to know more about this program?

Please contact the International Student and Scholar Services Advisor on the Macon campus