Peace Corps Prep Program

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Program Overview:

In 2007, the Peace Corps established the Peace Corps Prep Program with the twin goals of fostering stronger partnerships between undergraduate institutions and developing a pipeline of highly qualified Peace Corps applicants.

Because the Mercer experience is defined by the integration of student leadership, academic research, and service to others, the Peace Corps Prep Program is an ideal partnership that aligns with Mercer’s core values and mission to challenge our students to find innovative ways to apply their undergraduate research experience to assist communities with their self-identified development needs. Mercer University was recently approved as a partner in the Peace Corps Prep Program and is excited to offer students this meaningful opportunity.

The program consists of select courses and a community service project as well as leadership and professional training to help prepare students for international development work and potential Peace Corps service. Peace Corps Prep does not guarantee undergraduate participants the opportunity to serve in the Peace Corps; however, students participating in the program will gain skills that will make them competitive Peace Corps applicants. Conversely, students who complete Mercer’s Peace Corps Prep Program are not obligated to apply to the Peace Corps. Students who successfully complete the program will also receive official recognition by the Peace Corps and Mercer University.

Click here to learn about the requirements for Mercer's Peace Corps Prep Program!


Suggested Program Timeline:

Freshman Year 

  1. Select one of the six work sectors identified by the Peace Corps that best aligns with your major and professional goals.
  2. Complete the application of interest and schedule a meeting with the Peace Corps Prep advisor.
  3. Review the Peace Corps Prep program course requirements with your Peace Corps Prep advisor and your academic advisor to incorporate required coursework into your 4-year plan.

Sophomore Year

  1. Develop a plan to complete your required 50 hours of work or volunteer experience in your selected work sector (a Mercer On Mission may also fulfill this requirement).
  2. Develop a plan to undertake one significant leadership experience.
  3. Begin your foreign language requirements (if applicable).

Junior Year

  1. Continue working on you 50 hours of work/volunteer service and leadership experience.
  2. Meet with your Peace Corps Prep advisor to ensure that you are on track to meet all of the program requirements.
  3. Have your resume critiqued by Career Services and attend a workshop or class on interview skills.

Senior Year

  1. Complete the official Peace Corps Prep Certificate application the beginning of the semester you are graduating.